Pay Your Per Capita Dues

Cleveland East Alumnae Chapter


Find out more about Delta Gamma Fraternity per capita dues and your local alumnae dues by reading below.

Per Capita Dues

Delta Gamma per capita dues are required for your first 50 years of membership. Alumnae per capita dues for the 2019-2020 year are $31. These dues support Fraternity initiatives, the publication of our award winning ANCHORA, extension and recruitment efforts to establish new chapters on college campuses, visits to our collegiate chapters from Fraternity visitors and Collegiate Development Consultants (CDCs), and so much more.

You can pay your alumnae per capita dues in one of three easy ways below:

·        Click here to pay your per capita dues only through our secure form

·        Click here to login to the Delta Gamma website if you would like to pay your per capita dues, local dues and/or make a donation to the Delta Gamma Foundation

·         Send a check for $31 made out to Delta Gamma Fraternity to Executive Offices (3250 Riverside Dr., Columbus OH 43221)

Local Dues

Local alumnae dues vary by chapter and support our alumnae group and our local activities. Your local group dues may be paid securely by visiting and logging in to your profile (if your group has established online payments) or by submitting a check to your local alumnae group.

LOCAL DUES cover Chapter expenses such as general Chapter meetings, collegiate-alumnae events, the Sight Center Christmas Children’s Party, Founders Day and so much more.

HELPING HANNAHS are those DGs who generously donate additional funds to support the Cleveland East Chapter and its activities.  Helping Hannahs are the HEART of our Chapter!

Local Dues Membership Levels: 

Bronze          $25.00           Basic local membership

Pink              $50.00           Local membership with $25.00 towards Helping Hannah

Blue               $75.00           Local membership with $50.00 towards Helping Hannah

Anchor          $100.00        Local membership with $75.00 towards Helping Hannah

All chapter officers, Collegiate advisers and House Corp members are required to pay per capita dues!!

LOCAL DUES – can be paid via Member Planet at Click on Dues under the Membership tab and login into the Member Planet site or by mailing a check to Allison Spinos – Treasurer.

PER CAPITA DUES are paid directly to EO (Executive Offices in Columbus, OH).  National dues are $29.00 for 2018-2019.  You can visit to pay online.

Recent graduates (within 1 year of Bachelor’s degree) are only asked to pay local dues of $5.00 for the first year of membership. Fifty-year members do not pay per capita dues, but your support of Delta Gamma Cleveland East via payment of local dues is appreciated!

Click here to download the 2018-2019 dues form


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